I have learnt about relationships and the power I have in everything I do. My courage has been taken to another levelMalika Krishnadasan, Regional Communications Manager

I am ready to be strong and courageous. Even when i am terrified I wont BE that terror, I can now step into a courageous place and walk into whatever life throws at me” Trish Donoghue, Actor and Mother

I got an authentic perspective of my life and got in touch with my deepest fears and dreams. Now, I can act on them” Tirukumar Thiagarajah, University Lecturer and Singer

"I got that i've made my life so complicated and that it was this story that I held onto so tightly that limited me in every moment. I got that there is a different way to living and that it is only through my choice to change that makes the difference. I got that taking responsibility for myself has the most potency for living a truly magnificent life.

The warrior being program gave me powerful tools week by week that broke down old habit patterns, that expanded my self awareness and allowed me to see the stuff that I turn away from in my life that I know I need to face. I gained a family of like minded people that shared openly, love and support me, even after the course, to live my fullest potential and expression." Campbell Wilson, Entrepreneur, Yoga Teacher and Cinematographer

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