You have always known there is more to life.......

There is more to life...

The core creed of Warrior Being:

Courage to meet all challenges

Openness to experience, feel and learn

Reverence for yourself, your loved ones and life

Expression of what lies in your heart



  • Imagine your world....
  • Where your every relationship is rich with the deepest connection and love, steeped in meaning and where every conflict is a gateway to powerful new possibilities...
  • Where your work is filled with all the passion of your heart and is a welcome aspect of your life....
  • Where your every dream that lay dormant, is vibrantly alive in your life and invigorating your every breath...
  • Where every aspect of your life is abundant with meaning, filling every moment with the breathless anticipation of a life of purpose and service....
  • Where you wake up every morning with your heart bounding in joy at the prospect of a day well lived...
  • Where you are the truth of you that first set its eyes on this world as a new born baby, filled with the extraordinary potential that you are now living.....

Come join us. Become part of a community unlike any other. A community committed to the greatness of each other and the whole of humanity.

Come and learn the A.R.T. of unconditional love...  

  • The truth of life that has been hidden from you in a human civilisation that has lost its wisdom, long corrupted by fear and its companions, greed, neediness, deceit, control, manipulation, domination, righteousness, misery, sloth and power mongering.
  • To wake up to the truth of you that life itself has beaten out of you fuelled by the agents of fear and control.
  • To find the path of your destiny, the purpose and vision that calls you forth to life.
  • To let go and master the doubt and fear that have been your constant companions in your life, shadowing your every thought and deed.
  • That mastery of life is available to you even if everyone else may say otherwise.
  • To harness the power of a community committed to your greatness so you give yourself the kind of support that you need to manifest the great creations that are waiting for you.
  • To be everything you are so that the world may laugh in joy every morning when you wake up..

Share the awe inspiring vision living in your heart. Bring the great dream that lives in you to the light of the sun. 

Creators of the Extraordinary...Let's together create the extraordinary.....

Do nothing and life will remain the same, unsatisfying and unfulfilling whatever you do.. Or.... imagine the possibilities..

What kind of life would you like to create?



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I have learnt about relationships and the power I have in everything I do. My courage has been taken to another levelMalika Krishnadasan, Regional Communications Manager

I am ready to be strong and courageous. Even when i am terrified I wont BE that terror, I can now step into a courageous place and walk into whatever life throws at me” Trish Donoghue, Actor and Mother

I got an authentic perspective of my life and got in touch with my deepest fears and dreams. Now, I can act on them” Tirukumar Thiagarajah, University Lecturer and Singer

"I got that i've made my life so complicated and that it was this story that I held onto so tightly that limited me in every moment. I got that there is a different way to living and that it is only through my choice to change that makes the difference. I got that taking responsibility for myself has the most potency for living a truly magnificent life.

The warrior being program gave me powerful tools week by week that broke down old habit patterns, that expanded my self awareness and allowed me to see the stuff that I turn away from in my life that I know I need to face. I gained a family of like minded people that shared openly, love and support me, even after the course, to live my fullest potential and expression." Campbell Wilson, Entrepreneur, Yoga Teacher and Cinematographer

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